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PeakMe Harmony - Infrared Heating Gemstones PEMF Mat by PeakMe, SKU PK - PEMF - A1000 PeakMe Harmony - Infrared Heating Gemstones PEMF Mat by PeakMe, SKU PK-PEMF-A1000
PeakMe Harmony Prime - Infrared Heating Gemstones PEMF Mat by PeakMe, SKU PK - PEMF - A9000 PeakMe Harmony Prime - Infrared Heating Gemstones PEMF Mat by PeakMe, SKU PK-PEMF-A9000

Discover the Benefits of PEMF Mats & Grounding Technology

Understanding PEMF Mats

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) mats are advanced therapeutic devices designed to deliver electromagnetic fields to stimulate and promote the body's natural recovery processes. These PEMF mats utilize specific frequencies, such as the Schumann resonance (7.83 Hz), which is believed to mimic the Earth's natural grounding frequency.

Key Features and Benefits of PeakMe PEMF Mats

Targeted Frequency Therapy - The full range of PeakMe Harmony PEMF Mat Frequencies
  1. PEMF Level 1 (P1): 3Hz - Delta Waves: Improves deep sleep.
  2. PEMF Level 2 (P2): 7.83Hz - Schumann Resonance (Grounding): Promotes healing, improves blood circulation, and lowers inflammation.
  3. PEMF Level 3 (P3): 10Hz - Alpha Waves: Lowers stress, reduces anxiety and depression, increases creativity.
  4. PEMF Level 4 (P4): 25Hz - Beta Waves: Encourages alertness, logical thinking, conscious thought, and meditation.
  5. PEMF Level 5 (P5): 40Hz - Gamma Waves: Improves memory, promotes brain optimization, and improves cellular viability.
  6. PEMF Level 6 (P6): 48Hz - Refined Oscillation: Induces cellular vibrations, elevates intracellular temperature, improves cellular viability.
  7. PEMF Level 7 (P7): 56Hz - Magnetic Resonance: Magnetises iron within the body, enhances blood circulation, eliminates deposits on blood vessel walls, improves aerobic metabolism, promotes vascular flexibility.
  8. PEMF Level 8 (P8): 64Hz - Deep Penetration Wave: Alleviates pain, facilitates detoxification, promotes healing, repairs internal organs.
  9. PEMF Level 9 (P9): Combined - Randomized Frequencies: Cycles through programs P1-P8 for a mix of all benefits.

Health Benefits

  • Improved Circulation: PEMF mat therapy can enhance microcirculation, which may help reduce swelling and promote oxygenation of tissues, aiding in recovery.
  • Pain Relief: Regular use of a PEMF mat can reduce pain and inflammation by promoting cellular repair and reducing the inflammatory response.
  • Enhanced Sleep Quality: The specific frequencies used in PEMF mats can support better sleep patterns and overall relaxation.

Versatile Therapy Options

  1. Red Light Therapy (660nm): Aids skin restoration and repair by emitting red light.
  2. Near Infrared Light Therapy (850nm): Promotes deep tissue healing (available on Harmony Prime only).
  3. Far Infrared Therapy (4-14μm) / Heat: Detoxifies and relaxes by emitting far infrared heat.
  4. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation): Applied via TENS pads operated separately from the mat, TENS therapy provides pain relief by sending small electrical pulses to targeted areas. TENS pads can help manage pain, improve muscle rehabilitation, and enhance circulation.

How to Use a PEMF Mat

PeakMe Harmony PEMF mats are designed for ease of use. Simply lay the PEMF mat on a flat surface, connect it to a power source, and use the controller to set the desired frequency and duration of the session. It is recommended to start with 30-minute sessions, three times a day, with intervals of at least two hours between sessions.

PEMF Mat vs. Grounding Mat

While both PEMF mats and grounding mats aim to provide health benefits, they operate differently:

  • PEMF Mat: Uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to actively promote health benefits such as improved circulation, pain relief, and enhanced sleep quality. PEMF mats can be used as an alternative to traditional grounding, offering a technological approach to simulate the effects of grounding without direct contact with the Earth's surface, by activating Mode P2 - 7.83 Hz.
  • Grounding Mat: The concept of 'Grounding' itself relies on direct physical contact with the Earth to balance electrical charges in the body. Grounding mats are separate less effective devices that connect to a grounding rod or a grounded electrical outlet.


Are PEMF Mats Safe?
Yes, PEMF mats are generally safe for most users. However, individuals with specific health conditions should consult their healthcare provider before use. Do not use with any implanted devices such as a pacemaker.

Do PEMF Mats Really Work?
Scientific studies and user testimonials suggest that PEMF mats can be effective for reducing pain, improving circulation, bone health, and enhancing overall well-being.

What is a PEMF Mat?
A PEMF mat is a therapeutic device that uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to stimulate the body's natural healing processes.

Ready to experience the benefits of PEMF therapy? Explore our range of PEMF mats and find the perfect fit for your health needs. Invest in your health today with PeakMe's PEMF Therapy Grounding Mats.