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Our Mission

Welcome to PeakMe, where our mission is clear: "Reach Your Peak Potential."

Founded in Australia by Jing, PeakMe is dedicated to providing scientifically-backed tools that enhance health, boost productivity, and build resilience. As a proud 100% Australian-owned & operated business, we prioritise quality, innovation, and excellence.

We're the leader in performance optimisation, helping ambitious individuals take control of their health and maximise their potential with evidence-based solutions.

Powering PeakMe

The Team Behind PeakMe

PeakMe thrives because of our dedicated high-performance team. Each purchase is backed by our commitment to support you every step of the way. PeakMe offers customer lifetime support, Australian-backed warranties & personalised advice.

🚀 Jing - Founder
🚀 Ben - PeakMe Lead
🚀 Beth - Social Media Coordinator
🚀 Ovi - General Manager
🚀 Edison - Sourcing and Suppliers
🚀 Kaiya - Head of Brand

The dedicated team behind PeakMe, dressed in coordinated attire, exudes professionalism and camaraderie, set against the backdrop of a serene lakeside deck.
The PeakMe team sharing a candid laugh, embodying the brand's commitment to a positive and wellness-focused work culture, in an idyllic outdoor setting.
PeakMe wellness collection displayed in a modern room with sauna tent, portable ice bath, and sauna blanket, all emblazoned with the PeakMe logo, illustrating a complete home wellness setup.

Our Products

Reach Your Peak Potential

Explore our range of performance-optimising products, including Ice Baths, Steam Saunas, Infrared Sauna Blankets, PEMF Mats, and Red Light Therapy. Each product is designed to eliminate stress, supercharge productivity, and conquer burnout.

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Local Commitment

As a proud Australian business, we guarantee exceptional service and support. Here's what we offer:

  • Free Shipping: On orders over $99 across Australia.
  • Fast Delivery: Quick and reliable shipping from our Sydney and Perth warehouses.
  • Click & Collect: Available in Perth and Sydney for your convenience.
  • Same Day Delivery: Available in Perth and Sydney metro areas, we also offer same-day delivery. Select at checkout - cut-off time & fee applies.
  • View Before Purchase: Visit our Perth (Welshpool) Warehouse by appointment (9-5 Weekdays) - Click to Schedule.
  • Professional Support: Our expert Australian team is ready to assist you, with our international team (UK & US based) also available outside of regular business hours.

Future Aspirations

We are expanding our range to include more fitness equipment and recovery tools, continually innovating to serve high achievers better.

Connect with PeakMe

Customer Support: Contact us at 1300 986 379, via live chat, or email at Our team is available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, and Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm.

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Our Core Values

We provide tools grounded in scientific research to optimise health, performance & resilience.


Delivering superior, high-performance products that enhance health, boost productivity, and build resilience.


Leading the way with advanced solutions like Ice Baths, Saunas, Infrared Blankets, and PEMF Mats to ensure you reach your peak potential.


Our Family of Brands

At PeakMe, we are part of a larger family of brands under the eShopping Group, each reflecting our commitment to quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service. This network of brands demonstrates our established presence in the market and our dedication to providing a diverse range of high-quality products and services.

Dr. Pen AU (Primary Store), NZ, UK, & US

  • What We Offer: Dr. Pen specializes in advanced microneedling devices, offering a range of products that cater to different skincare needs.
  • Customer Promise: We are dedicated to providing professional-grade skincare tools that deliver visible results, backed by robust customer support across Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the US.

Baby Heart

  • What We Offer: Baby Heart is committed to offering innovative and reliable fetal dopplers, allowing expectant parents to connect with their unborn babies in a unique way.
  • Customer Commitment: Our focus is on providing peace of mind and joy to families during pregnancy, supported by responsive and caring customer service.

eDog Australia, eDog New Zealand

  • What We Offer: eDog takes pride in offering a variety of electronic dog training products, designed to enhance the training experience and strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners.
  • Customer Support: We provide expert advice and support, ensuring pet owners find the perfect solution for their furry friends.

The Spy Store, Sentriwise

  • What We Offer: The Spy Store specializes in high-quality spy and surveillance equipment, catering to both professional and personal security needs.
  • Service Excellence: Our commitment to customer privacy and satisfaction is paramount, offering discreet and knowledgeable support for all our products.

And Many More!

Our family of brands continues to grow, each sharing the same ethos of quality, innovation, and customer service excellence. We are proud to offer a diverse range of products and services, meeting the varying needs of our customers across different domains.

Our Commitment

  • Honouring Warranties: Across all our brands, we stand firmly behind our products, ensuring that warranties are honored and customer satisfaction is prioritized.
  • High-Quality Customer Service: We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of customer service, ensuring every interaction with our brands is positive and supportive.

As part of the eShopping Group, PeakMe is not only a testament to our passion for wellness but also a representation of our broader commitment to excellence across various industries. We invite you to explore the diverse offerings of our family of brands and experience the quality and service that define us.