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PeakMe Focus Ice Bath Bundle by PeakMe, SKU
PeakMe Focus Ice Bath Bundle by PeakMe, SKU
PeakMe Focus Ice Bath Bundle by PeakMe, SKU
PeakMe Focus Ice Bath Bundle
PeakMe Focus Ice Bath Bundle by PeakMe, SKU
PeakMe Focus Ice Bath Bundle by PeakMe, SKU
PeakMe Focus Ice Bath Bundle by PeakMe, SKU

PeakMe Focus Ice Bath Bundle

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Feature icon PORTABLE AND QUICK SETUP: Ready in 5 minutes, including a carry bag for easy transport.
Feature icon COST EFFECTIVE: Saves thousands compared to traditional methods while delivering substantial health benefits.
Feature icon COMPLETE KIT: Comes with a digital thermometer/timer for session tracking and an absorbent towel for drying.
Feature icon ROBUST AND VERSATILE: Durable for both indoor and outdoor use. Includes insulated thermal lid & dust/leaves cover to keep clean with ease.
Feature icon BULK PURCHASE OPTIONS: Ideal for events or team activities, with discounts available for group buys - just contact us.

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PeakMe Exclusive:
Check how much ice you'll need: Ice Bath Temperature Calculator - Easily calculate how much ice based on the size of your ice bath.

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This Incredible Ice Bath Bundle Includes

  • PeakMe Focus Portable Ice Bath + Accessories Kit ($149)
  • Digital Floating Ice Bath Thermometer with Timer ($19.99)
  • PeakMe Gym Towel ($29.99)

The Full Specs

  • PeakMe Focus Portable Ice Bath + Accessories kit: Crafted for durability and ease of use, the PeakMe Focus Portable Ice Bath ensures a quick setup for your morning routine. Designed to enhance circulation, reduce inflammation, and boost your overall wellness, this ice bath is not just for athletes. Perfect for anyone looking to shake off morning fatigue and start the day with a burst of energy. Learn more about the PeakMe Focus Portable Ice Bath.

  • Digital Floating Ice Bath Thermometer with Timer: To complement your ice bathing experience, this precision thermometer with a built-in timer is tailored specifically for ice baths. Monitor the temperature of your ice bath to ensure optimal cold exposure for maximum benefits. Discover more about our Digital Floating Ice Bath Thermometer with Timer.

  • PeakMe Gym Towel: A top-tier 100x50m gym towel made with the same materials of many sought-after gym wear brands - 95% Polyester 5% Spandex. For drying off, cooling down, covering benches, wiping equipment and keeping your sweat under control.

Our bundle includes everything you need for a revitalising morning ritual. Not pictured but also included:

  • Inflatable thermal lid
  • Dust/leaves cover

This exclusive bundle offer includes the ice bath, a thermal lid, a dust cover, the precision thermometer with a timer, and a top-tier gym towel—all for just $99. But hurry, this offer is only available until the end of May, and stocks are limited!

PeakMe Focus Ice Bath Bundle: The Ultimate Morning Revival

Are you tired of waking up as tired as you went to bed? Transform your mornings and say goodbye to grogginess with the PeakMe Focus Ice Bath Bundle. Ideal for those who want to ditch the caffeine and start their day with a surge of energy.

Who Uses Ice Baths and Why?

Ice baths are embraced by a wide range of individuals for their numerous health benefits:

  • Everyone: For those seeking an invigorating start to their day, ice baths can dramatically enhance both physical and mental wellness. They help improve circulation, reduce muscle soreness, and increase mental clarity.
  • Athletes: Essential for recovery and performance, ice baths help manage inflammation and accelerate injury recovery. Athletes across various sports use ice baths to decrease recovery time and enhance muscle repair.
  • Health Enthusiasts: For those dedicated to maintaining peak physical health, ice baths contribute to improved cardiovascular health and boosted immune response.
  • Professionals with High-Stress Jobs: Individuals in high-stress careers find that ice baths help manage stress levels, improve sleep quality, and boost overall resilience.
  • Wellness Advocates: Those who practice regular wellness routines include ice baths as a part of holistic health practices, finding that they help maintain balance in body and mind.

With the PeakMe Focus Ice Bath Bundle, accessing the transformative benefits of ice baths has never been easier. Whether you're an athlete, a professional looking to manage stress, or simply someone interested in health and wellness, our bundle provides everything you need to integrate ice bathing into your routine.

Ready to revolutionise your wellbeing?

Shop today and take the first step towards a more energised day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Basics of Cold Therapy

Cold therapy, closely related to cryotherapy, involves exposing the body to cold temperatures to reduce inflammation, ease pain, and speed up recovery by decreasing blood flow to affected areas.

It's suitable for those seeking improved post-workout recovery, inflammation reduction, pain management, or a mental resilience boost, including athletes and wellness enthusiasts.

Yes, it can improve mental strength, reduce stress, and trigger endorphin release, which enhances mood and overall well-being.

Using Ice Baths

The water should be around 12-15°C for effective cold therapy. Beginners might start with slightly warmer temperatures, while regular users can aim for cooler temperatures as per their tolerance. Always ensure the water temperature is comfortable and safe for your personal use.

Begin with 2-10 minute soaks for newcomers, extending up to 5-15 minutes for the seasoned. Monitor your comfort level and avoid excessive shivering.

To maintain the highest standards of hygiene, it's advised to drain and refresh the water every few uses. For personal home use, the frequency of water change might extend to every few weeks, provided the water remains clear and free of contaminants. For frequent use, consider more regular replacements to ensure a clean and safe environment.

Start with warmer water and shorter soaks, gradually adjusting as your tolerance increases. It's crucial to progress at a pace that feels right for you.

Safety & Maintenance

Most people can safely use cold therapy, but those with certain health conditions should consult a healthcare provider beforehand. Ice baths are not typically recommended for pregnant women. Always have someone present when trying it for the first time.

Empty and rinse the tub after use, drying it thoroughly before storage. For leaks, use the provided repair kit. Consult the user manual for detailed maintenance guidance.

Cold Therapy

Ice Bath Benefits

Reduce Muscle Soreness

Ice baths ensure swift recovery after intense workouts. The cold plunge aids in reducing muscle soreness, minimising downtime and enhancing your return to peak performance.

Boost Immune Function

Regular use of ice baths supports your immune system. Cold water immersion triggers a beneficial stress response, bolstering your body's defense mechanisms against illnesses.

Improve Circulation

Cold water therapy stimulates vasoconstriction followed by vasodilation upon warming, promoting better blood flow and cardiovascular health.

Enhance Mental Sharpness

Immerse yourself in ice baths to experience a clear and focused mind. The shock of cold water immersion has been shown to increase mental alertness and resilience, via 'cold shock' proteins, called 'RBM3' and 'RTN3'.

PeakMe Focus - Portable Ice Tub by PeakMe, SKU PK-ICE-001

Ice Bath Insights

How Ice Baths Aid Recovery

Ice baths, a pivotal aspect of cold therapy akin to cryotherapy, serve to mitigate inflammation, alleviate pain, and speed up the recovery process.

Submersion in an ice bath kick-starts the body’s inherent healing responses.

This cold exposure leads to vasoconstriction, limiting blood flow to areas of inflammation and swelling, which proves advantageous after acute injuries or strenuous exercise. The chill also incites the nervous system to release norepinephrine, a hormone and neurotransmitter linked with enhanced focus and vigilance, contributing to the sense of mental acuity often reported post ice bath therapy.

Reap the Benefits Yourself
  • Lessens inflammation and swelling post-injury or exertion
  • Assuages pain by numbing sensitive tissues
  • Decreases muscular spasms and fosters relaxation
  • Retards the metabolic decline following immediate injury
  • Boosts mental clarity and can diminish symptoms of depression
  • Betters sleep quality through body temperature regulation
  • Accelerates the body’s recuperation mechanism via the hormesis effect

PeakMe Ice Bath Features

Optimise Recovery & Performance

Experience the profound effects of ice baths with PeakMe’s cutting-edge cold plunge technology. Our products are designed for peak efficiency, reducing inflammation, enhancing muscle recovery, and boosting overall vitality with a simple and effective cold immersion process.

Quick Assembly

Set up the ice bath rapidly with an easy-to-inflate rim and a sturdy support structure, ready for immediate use​​.

Recovery and Resilience

Short, regular soaks diminish muscle soreness and build mental fortitude, offering stress relief and aiding recuperation​​.

Beginner to Expert

Suitable for all levels; start gently with warmer, shorter soaks and progress to cooler, longer sessions for enhanced benefits​​.

Simple Maintenance

Comes with a repair kit for easy fixes and preventive maintenance, ensuring your ice bath remains leak-free and ready for use​​.