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PeakMe Radiance Sauna Blanket Bundle With Free Ice Bath by PeakMe, SKU
PeakMe Radiance Sauna Blanket Bundle by PeakMe, SKU
PeakMe Radiance Sauna Blanket Bundle by PeakMe, SKU
PeakMe Radiance Sauna Blanket Bundle by PeakMe, SKU
PeakMe Radiance Sauna Blanket Bundle by PeakMe, SKU
PeakMe Radiance Sauna Blanket Bundle by PeakMe, SKU
PeakMe Radiance Sauna Blanket Bundle With Free Ice Bath by PeakMe, SKU

PeakMe Radiance Sauna Blanket Bundle With Free Ice Bath

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This Incredible Sauna Blanket Bundle Includes

  • PeakMe Radiance Infrared Sauna Blanket ($699)
  • PeakMe Focus Portable Ice Bath + Accessories Kit ($149)
  • Digital Floating Ice Bath Thermometer with Timer ($19.99)
  • PeakMe Gym Towel ($29.99)

The Full Specs

  • PeakMe Radiance Infrared Sauna Blanket: Elevate your home wellness routine with the PeakMe Radiance, your personal oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation. Utilising advanced Far infrared technology, this sauna blanket delivers deeply soothing heat to enhance circulation and promote relaxation. Crafted with durable materials for your comfort and safety, the Radiance is portable and comes with intuitive controls for precise temperature adjustments. Learn more about the PeakMe Radiance Infrared Sauna Blanket.
  • PeakMe Focus Portable Ice Bath + Accessories Kit: Crafted for durability and ease of use, the PeakMe Focus Portable Ice Bath ensures a quick setup and is perfect for enhancing circulation, reducing inflammation, and boosting your overall wellness. Ideal for anyone seeking to invigorate their morning routine and start the day with a burst of energy. Learn more about the PeakMe Focus Portable Ice Bath.
  • Digital Floating Ice Bath Thermometer with Timer: Complement your ice bathing experience with this precision thermometer featuring a built-in timer, tailored specifically for ice baths. Monitor the temperature to ensure optimal cold exposure for maximum health benefits. Discover more about our Digital Floating Ice Bath Thermometer with Timer.
  • PeakMe Gym Towel: This premium 100x50cm gym towel, made with materials akin to those used in sought-after gym wear brands (95% Polyester, 5% Spandex), is ideal for drying off, cooling down, or gym use. It's perfect for covering benches, wiping equipment, and managing sweat.

Experience the ultimate convenience and luxury of home wellness with the PeakMe Radiance Sauna Blanket Bundle. This comprehensive package offers a state-of-the-art infrared sauna blanket paired with our popular ice bath bundle for complete body rejuvenation. Perfect for anyone seeking a spa-like experience without leaving the comfort of home.

Why Choose the PeakMe Radiance Sauna Blanket Bundle?

Advanced Wellness Technology

  • Deep Penetrating Warmth: Far infrared technology enhances circulation and relaxation.
  • Detoxification and Wellness: Helps in releasing toxins and promotes overall well-being.
  • Safety and Quality: CE certified with overheat and open circuit protection to ensure a safe user experience.
  • Portable and Easy to Use: Quick to unfold and preheat, with adjustable settings for a customizable comfort experience.

Product Features Include:

  • Generous Sizing: Accommodates users up to 196 cm tall, supporting a maximum of 150 kg.
  • Customizable Comfort: Adjustable temperature and timer settings allow up to 60 minutes of session time.
  • Safety Features: Includes overheat protection and open circuit protection for peace of mind.

In the Box:

  • 1x PeakMe Radiance Sauna Blanket
  • 1x Controller
  • 1x Carry Bag

Transform your home into a personal wellness retreat with the PeakMe Radiance Sauna Blanket Bundle today.

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PeakMe wellness collection displayed in a modern room with sauna tent, portable ice bath, and sauna blanket, all emblazoned with the PeakMe logo, illustrating a complete home wellness setup.

PeakMe Heat Therapy


Muscle Relaxation and Pain Relief

Heat therapy helps to relax tight muscles and alleviate pain in joints and muscles, making it ideal for treating chronic conditions and old injuries.

Improved Circulation

By increasing blood flow, heat therapy reduces muscle tension and promotes healing in injured areas​.

Enhanced Mobility

Regular heat therapy can improve the range of motion in stiff joints, promoting better overall mobility.

Mood and Recovery Enhancement

The soothing effect of heat can boost energy levels, improve mood, and lead to faster recovery post-exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding and Benefits

Heat therapy involves the application of heat to the body for pain relief and health. It can take the form of steam saunas, infrared saunas/blankets, or PEMF mats with infrared heat, each using heat to improve circulation, relax muscles, and promote detoxification.

Yes, heat therapy can enhance blood flow, reduce muscle stiffness, promote relaxation, and aid in detoxification, contributing to overall health and well-being.

Usage and Guidelines

Usage can vary depending on the device and individual health goals, but starting with shorter, less frequent sessions and gradually increasing is recommended.

For steam saunas, the temperature typically ranges from about 43 to 48°C. In contrast, infrared saunas and blankets tend to operate at a wider range of temperatures, between 25 to 75°C for our products, depending on the particular product and user settings. Always refer to the specific guidelines provided by the user manual for safe and effective use.

Safety and Side Effects

When used appropriately, risks are minimal. However, dehydration, overheating, and burns can occur without proper use. Those with certain health conditions should consult a healthcare professional first.

Consult with a healthcare provider, as conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, or pregnancy may be contraindicated for heat therapy.

Effectiveness and Complementary Treatments

Yes, it can help to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and speed up the healing process by improving blood flow to the injured area.

Absolutely, the warmth and relaxation it provides can help reduce stress and promote better sleep.

PeakMe PEMF Mats with infrared combine pulsed electromagnetic fields with heat to enhance cellular repair and relaxation, offering a unique therapy experience.

Often, yes. Heat therapy can be used alongside other treatments to enhance therapeutic effects, such as physical therapy or massage. Always coordinate with a healthcare professional for combined treatments. PeakMe provides access to a wide range of treatments including Red Light Therapy & Cold Therapy.

Product FAQs

What is a steam sauna?
A steam sauna is a wellness enclosure that produces steam through a water heating system, offering therapeutic benefits such as muscle relaxation and skin cleansing. It creates a humid environment conducive to relaxation and detoxification.

How does a steam sauna work?
Water is heated to generate steam, which fills the enclosed sauna space, promoting sweating. This helps to open up pores, relax muscles, and can aid in removing impurities from the body.

How hot should a steam sauna be?
The PeakMe Retreat Home Steam Sauna operates up to 55°C, providing a balance of comfort and effectiveness for relaxation and health benefits.

What are the benefits of a steam sauna?
Using a steam sauna can lead to improved circulation, relaxation, detoxification, relief from muscle soreness, and better skin health due to the opening of pores and removal of impurities.

How long should a session last?
A session in the PeakMe Retreat Home Steam Sauna is recommended to last between 20-60 minutes, depending on individual comfort and tolerance. It's important to stay hydrated and to stop if you feel any discomfort.

Can the steam sauna be used for targeted health outcomes?
While steam saunas are popular for their general wellness benefits, it's essential to consult with a healthcare provider for targeted health outcomes, especially if there are specific health concerns or conditions.

What is an infrared sauna or sauna blanket?
An infrared sauna or sauna blanket uses infrared radiation to heat your body directly, offering relaxation and health benefits. Unlike traditional saunas, they do not significantly increase the air temperature around you.

How does an infrared sauna or sauna blanket work?
These devices emit infrared radiation that penetrates your skin, warming the body from the inside out. This direct application of heat can be more energy-efficient and operate at lower temperatures than traditional saunas.

What are the benefits of using an infrared sauna or sauna blanket?
They may help improve circulation, provide pain relief, support detoxification processes, and potentially assist with weight loss through boosted metabolism.

How often can I use an infrared sauna or sauna blanket?
While regular use is usually safe, it is recommended to start with shorter sessions to gauge tolerance and gradually increase duration.

Is it safe for everyone to use an infrared sauna or sauna blanket?
Generally, yes, but individuals with certain medical conditions or those taking medication should consult with a healthcare professional before use.

PeakMe Heat Therapy

Feel the Warmth: Heat Therapy Explained

Heat therapy, also known as thermotherapy, is a form of treatment where heat is applied to the body to alleviate pain and improve health. This non-invasive therapy is commonly used to soothe muscle stiffness, reduce inflammation, and promote relaxation.

Why Choose Heat Therapy?

  • Relieves Muscle Stiffness: Heat therapy works by increasing the flexibility of muscle fibers, reducing stiffness and discomfort.
  • Enhances Circulation: The warmth expands blood vessels, enhancing circulation. This helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to muscles, aiding in healing.
  • Reduces Inflammation: Heat can help reduce the inflammation and swelling often associated with joint and muscle pain.
  • Promotes Relaxation: The comforting effect of heat can significantly reduce stress and tension in the body.
  • Detoxification: By inducing sweat, heat therapy aids in detoxifying the body, flushing out toxins through the skin.

PeakMe Heat Therapy Features

Harness the Power of Warmth

Effortless Setup

Assemble your heat therapy device with ease, thanks to our straightforward product designs. Get ready to relax with quick-start operations that bring therapeutic heat to your space in no time.

Therapeutic Warmth and Comfort

Experience targeted relief from muscle aches with our heat therapy range. Regular sessions can help ease tension, support muscle recovery, and foster a sense of well-being.

Adaptable for Every User

Our products cater to everyone. Begin with mild warmth and gradually enhance your experience, customising the temperature and duration to suit your comfort level and therapeutic needs.

Hassle-Free Upkeep

PeakMe assures lasting performance with minimal maintenance. Our heat therapy solutions come equipped with user manuals & customer support for straightforward care, ensuring your product’s longevity and reliability.