March Events Recap Perth - Rise+Run & Banana Bread Chasers Run Clubs - PeakMe

March Events Recap Perth - Rise+Run & Banana Bread Chasers Run Clubs

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Thanks to everyone that came down and tried an ice bath with PeakMe over the weekend!

In collaboration with Rise+Run & Banana Bread Chasers run clubs, we ran free ice baths on Easter Friday & Saturday mornings!

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On Friday, we were down at Cottesloe beach with Rise + Run (many thanks to Nikki, the organiser), and we had the amazing opportunity of joining the club for their first birthday - with free PeakMe ice baths and a steam sauna raffled off to their runners - congratulations! We hugely appreciate the club's support in promoting PeakMe in our early days - thank you!

Based in Cottesloe? Join Rise + Run! Every week, they run on Friday mornings before work or the start of your day.

On Saturday, we joined the Banana Bread Chasers Run Club in South Perth!

After their morning run for their collabation with Hoka and The Running Centre! Due to water access restrictions, we ended up setting up just 2 ice baths for BBC Run Club - we appreciate there was a bit of a wait but it was WELL worth it!

Nice work Johan! The first to try out the ice bath on Saturday! 💪

Based out of South Perth and Surrounds? Join Banana Bread Chasers!

Follow their Instagram for their next run - they frequently run from locations such as South Perth, Deep Water Point and Omeo Wreck to change things up. Perth has special running locations (that we're very proud of) - and we'd like to promote Banana Bread Chasers as an excellent running club who will show you the best runs in Perth. Cheers to Leeroy from Banana Bread Chasers - we appreciate his support in helping to promote PeakMe in our early days!

For more information about their next event, follow Banana Bread Chasers on instagram:

Looking for an ice bath after your run?

Click here to learn more about the PeakMe Focus Ice Bath!

With 400kg of ice used across the two days, we can assure you the cold temps were both intense and well worth it! On the first day, our ice baths ranged from 5-10C, and the second day we went even colder - our coldest bath at the recovery-game changing temperature of 3C. For beginners and those just trying out ice baths, we recommend starting around 10-15C and reducing from there, which helps to ease into the routine of ice baths. Do 3-5 ice baths per week, roughly 11-15 minutes in total per week. Then, reduce the temperature as you go & experience the benefits of challenging yourself.

Let's go kiddo!

Ice baths enhance recovery by constricting blood vessels, flushing waste products, and reducing swelling and tissue breakdown. After warming up, blood flow increases, accelerating the healing process and reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), making them a strategic choice for runners seeking efficient recovery and improved performance.

Ice baths can also assist with shin splints faced by runners, by reducing inflammation and pain in the affected area. The cold water constricts blood vessels, which can decrease swelling and provide temporary pain relief. However, it's important to address the underlying causes of shin splints, such as overuse, improper footwear, or inadequate stretching, for long-term relief. Consulting a healthcare professional for a comprehensive treatment plan is advisable.


14th of April 2024 - Perron Institute Bridges Fun Run 5k + 10Km (West Australian Marathon Club)

SIGN UP NOW! Hurry, registrations close on the 11th of April 2024. Ice baths only available for participants. 5 ice baths available for your instant recovery - just turn up! Completely free of charge. Support PeakMe and join over 3000 runners in support of Perron Institute for Youth Mental Health, "an organization dedicated to making a positive impact on the mental health and well-being of young people.": Join us to try an ice bath after your race (up to 10 minutes), sales of products, exclusive deals and opportunity to chat with the team behind PeakMe!

28th of April 2024 - IFBB Pro League, Perth Season A, RNDM Performing Arts Centre

We are proud to sponsor the IFBB Pro League, Perth Season A! IFBB Pro League (International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation) is the premier bodybuiding federation, and their athletes, coaches and judges advocate strongly for recovery and injury management in performance of their sport. We'll be there on the day for sales of products, exclusive deals & opportunity to speak with our team!

Ice baths and steam saunas available for purchase at all events, while stocks last.

See you there! Ben & PeakMe Team