PeakMe Events Perth - March 2024 - Ice Bath Recovery Zones - PeakMe

PeakMe Events Perth - March 2024 - Ice Bath Recovery Zones

Discover the ultimate post-run recovery with PeakMe's Ice Bath Recovery Zones in Perth this March 2024. Join us in collaboration with local run clubs and wellness brands for rejuvenating sessions that promise to enhance your recovery and wellbeing.

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Perth, Western Australia Events

We're excited to announce that PeakMe will be setting up ice bath recovery sessions on two special days, in collaboration with local run clubs and wellness partners.

These events are designed to offer a safe and healthy recovery option under the guidance of our dedicated team, right next to our PeakMe banners.

Event Details:

  • 29th March, 7amRise + Run Club and Lululemon. The ice bath setup is very likely to be next to Il Lido cafe in Cottesloe. Stay tuned for the exact spot confirmation!

  • 30th March, 8am - Banana Bread Chasers Run Club, in collaboration with Lululemon & Hoka for another day of ice baths! Exact time and location to be confirmed with the local club.

Why Join Us?

Ice baths are renowned for their benefits in recovery, helping to reduce muscle soreness after intense physical activity. By participating, you're not just treating your body to a rejuvenating experience, but also connecting with the community and our team, ready to guide you through the process for a safe and beneficial recovery session.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to kickstart your recovery with PeakMe. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a weekend warrior, these ice bath sessions are tailored to support your wellness journey, ensuring you're ready for whatever comes next.


  • Free Ice Bath Experiences!
  • Special EVENT Discounts (Some stock available)
  • Bring a towel!

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For more information on how to prepare and what to expect, visit our website or follow us on social media. We can't wait to see you there!

Sydney coming soon 👀


Huge Thanks, The PeakMe Team