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The Ultimate Ice Bath FAQ For Australia - Answering Questions We Get About Ice Baths

Curious about ice baths? Discover everything you need to know with PeakMe's Ultimate Ice Bath FAQ for Australia. From the benefits of at-home ice baths to detailed maintenance tips, we’ve answered all your burning questions. Learn why our PeakMe Focus Ice Bath stands out with its stability, comfort, and ease of use. Plus, enjoy the perks of 100% Aussie ownership, local customer service, and fast shipping. Shop online or visit our Sydney and Perth locations to see our products in person. Ready to dive in? Explore our comprehensive guide and elevate your recovery game today!
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We've put this content together to form an ultimate resource for questions surrounding usage of ice baths in Australia.

As an Australian leader of Ice Baths, we get a lot of questions, which we've attempted to answer comprehensively below.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions - PeakMe is 100% Aussie owned and operated, with a local Australian-based customer service team. We are proud to offer 2-5 business day shipping to most of Australia, shipped from our Sydney and Perth locations. Click & Collect also available.

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Ice Bath Product Features and Usage

Question Answer
What is the difference between using a PeakMe Focus Ice Bath (and other brands) and a large container or rubbish bin? The PeakMe Focus Ice Bath is designed for stability and comfort, reducing risks of tipping over and injuries. It includes features like insulated thermal lids and easy setup, which are not found in improvised containers.
What are the main features of the PeakMe Focus Ice Bath? The PeakMe Focus Ice Bath includes a digital thermometer, quick-dry towel, insulated thermal lid, and dust cover. It is durable for indoor and outdoor use and can be set up in just 5 minutes.
What are the benefits of using an at-home ice bath compared to traditional facilities? At-home ice baths offer convenience, better temperature control, privacy, and long-term cost savings compared to traditional facilities that require specific locations and can be costly over time.
Are there any comfort features in the PeakMe Focus Ice Bath? Yes, the PeakMe Focus Ice Bath includes a built-in water cushion for maximum comfort and an effortless drainage system for easy cleanup.
How easy is it to fill up the Focus Ice Bath? It is very easy. Simply use a hose-pipe, bucket, or container to add room temperature water until the bath is approximately 70% full. Later, you can add ice or freezer ice bricks to reduce the temperature further. The Focus Ice Bath is insulated on all sides to maintain the water temperature longer, including a thermal lid & cover.
How does the Focus Ice Bath keep the water cold? The Focus Ice Bath is built with 5 thermal insulated layers, a thermal lid, and a dust/leaves/rain cover to lengthen the time at a given temperature. If using outside - using the ice bath outside under shade maximises the passive overnight cooling effect if located in a cold area, and ensures sunlight doesn't heat the bath directly. Add ice or ice blocks as needed. Use the included digital thermometer to measure temperature.
How portable is the Focus Ice Bath when packed down? The Focus Ice Bath packs down into a carry bag with an included carry handle, making it easy to transport. As a portable ice bath, a key advantage of our Ice Bath is that you can travel with it for competitions, events, sports training, business trips, holidays and more. Bring the PeakMe Focus ice bath experience with you - wherever you're headed.
How long does the water stay cold? The water will remain cold for 1-3 days after ice is added, depending on the ambient temperature of the area & whether the bath is exposed to direct sunlight during the day.
What temperature should I start at for an ice bath? We recommend starting at a temperature around 10-15 degrees Celsius.


Which Ice Bath is Recommended?

We recommend the PeakMe Focus Ice Bath. It is portable, quick to setup, lightweight and versatile. The Focus Ice Bath is suitable for group events and individuals alike, cost effective and comes with a digital thermometer/timer for session tracking and an absorbent towel for drying, for the complete ice bath experience.

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How Much Ice Do You Need for Your Ice Bath?

One of the most common questions we get is, "How much ice do I need for my ice bath?" The answer depends on the volume of water and the desired temperature.

To make this easy, PeakMe has developed an Ice Bath Temperature Calculator. This handy tool helps you determine the exact amount of ice needed to achieve your optimal ice bath temperature. Simply input the current water temperature, the volume of your ice bath, and your target temperature, and the calculator will do the rest. It's the perfect way to ensure you get the most effective and refreshing ice bath every time.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Ice Baths

Note: Ensure to read the chemical safety section at the bottom of this article, before using any chemicals, water additives, filtration devices, or other sterilisation solutions.

Question Answer
How should I clean the ice bath and what products should I use? To clean the ice bath, first drain all the water. Then, rinse the bottom and sides with a hose. Use mild soap or diluted vinegar to clean without damaging the tub. Don't use harsh cleaning chemicals. Ensure to prevent dirt, leaves, oils, sunscreens and other contaminants from entering the ice bath.
How can I maintain water cleanliness in the ice bath? Always cover the ice bath with its lid when not in use to prevent debris from entering. If not adding any chemicals or using an suitable filter/sterilisation device, change the water weekly. After draining, wash the inside surfaces with warm soapy water to keep it clean. Installing a high-quality water filtration system can also help keep the water clean (use filters with plain clean water only, unless specified by the manufacturer).
How frequently should I change the water in the ice bath if not using chemicals or a filter? If you use the ice bath daily, it's advisable to change the water at least once every two weeks. For optimal cleanliness, weekly water changes are recommended.
How long can I keep the water in the ice bath before needing to change it? With proper maintenance, such as covering the bath and using recommended additives like bromine (others listed below), the water can be kept clean for 3-5 days or longer. Some users manage to keep it for up to two weeks with diligent upkeep. This can be extended for a practically unlimited period when using a UV sterilisation & water filter setup, however the walls of the ice bath may require cleaning occasionally, sometimes requiring the bath to be drained.
Can I use water filter devices for my ice bath? Yes, installing a water filtration system is highly recommended. These systems can remove impurities such as minerals, sediments, and bacteria, ensuring clean and safe water for your ice bath. Some high-end ice bath chillers feature built-in filtration, including options with UV sterilisation. Ensure regular maintenance of the filtration system for optimal performance.
Can I use UV sterilisation to clean my ice bath? Yes, ultraviolet (UV) light sterilises water by killing or inactivating harmful microorganisms. Use a UV steriliser to treat the water in your ice bath, especially effective in maintaining hygiene without chemicals. Warning: Ensure proper installation and regular maintenance to keep the UV system functioning correctly. Do not look at a UV lamp during operation.
Is it safe to use Epsom salts in my ice bath? Yes, adding Epsom salts to your ice bath is usually safe and can provide additional health benefits by supplementing magnesium levels. However, avoid using chloride salts such as table salt or road salt, as they are not safe.
Can I add bromine to the water in my ice bath? Yes, bromine tablets or powder can be used to keep the water clean for up to a month. Bromine is usually gentle on the skin and lasts longer in cold water compared to chlorine. Use small quantities appropriate for the smaller volume of the ice bath.
Can I use chlorine in my ice bath? Yes, chlorine is effective for water disinfection, killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Use chlorine tablets, granules, or liquid chlorine bleach to maintain appropriate chlorine levels in the ice bath water. Warning: Overuse can cause skin and eye irritation. Always follow manufacturer instructions for proper dosing - this is very important to get right. Chlorine is often less safe than other chemicals.
Can I use hydrogen peroxide in my ice bath? Yes, hydrogen peroxide can be used to sanitise the ice bath water. It destroys harmful pathogens and is less harsh than chlorine, leaving no strong odors. Add hydrogen peroxide according to the recommended dosage. Warning: Ensure correct concentration to avoid skin irritation. Always follow safety guidelines.
Can I use ozone to keep my ice bath clean? Yes, ozone is a powerful oxidizer that can kill bacteria and viruses. An ozone generator introduces ozone into the ice bath water, providing continuous disinfection. Warning: Ozone generators require professional installation and regular maintenance to ensure safety and effectiveness. Follow instructions carefully - ozone devices must not be used indoors or in enclosed spaces, as ozone if inhaled can be extremely dangerous.
How to keep my ice bath clean when using them with groups of people? Keeping an ice bath clean when used by multiple people requires stringent hygiene practices. Ensure that everyone showers or wipes down their feet before entering the bath to minimise the introduction of dirt and bacteria. Use a cover to protect the bath when not in use and regularly replace the water after each heavy use.

Additionally, consider installing a water filtration system designed for ice baths to help remove impurities. Cleaning the bath with a suitable disinfectant like diluted vinegar or mild detergents after each session is crucial to maintain hygiene. Regularly monitor and adjust the water’s pH and sanitiser levels using appropriate chemicals. Some water chiller devices include both water filtration and UV capabilities.

When operating ice baths for business use, consider consulting water filtration professionals to meet your business's requirements & ensure participant safety.
How to keep an ice bath clean when being used in a gym environment or high frequency usage with lots of people (e.g events or in a business)? For high-frequency use in gyms or events, it is essential to maintain a rigorous cleaning schedule. Implement a protocol where users must clean themselves before using the bath. Install a robust filtration system capable of handling high loads, which may include UV sterilisation or ozone treatment.

In such environments, it is practical to empty the ice bath at the end of each day to avoid frequent filter changes and potential equipment breakdowns from excessive load. Using commercial ice machines to refill the bath can be effective to easily maintain the desired ice bath temperature. Use appropriate chemicals like chlorine or bromine, amongst others, to disinfect the water, and ensure the proper pH balance is maintained to maximise the effectiveness of these sanitisers. Regular inspections for cracks, leaks, and other issues should be conducted to prevent contamination.
Will the ice bath get damaged from sun exposure (UV)? No, sun exposure will not usually damage the ice bath when the cover is used. Please note that cleaning chemicals can sometimes reduce the life of plastics and make them more susceptible to sunlight/UV damage. We recommend keeping your ice bath in the shade, or in a suitable location indoors, to minimise temperature gain from direct sunlight.

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Health and Safety Recommendations for Ice Baths

Question Answer
How do ice baths improve recovery? Ice baths enhance recovery by changing how blood and other fluids flow through the body. When exposed to cold water, blood vessels constrict and then expand upon exiting the bath, flushing out metabolic waste from post-workout muscles.
Is an ice bath beneficial for everyday use or just for athletes? Ice baths are beneficial for everyone, not just athletes. They help boost metabolism, support the immune system, and aid in overall recovery and stress relief. Suffer from fatigue? Experience the rush of using an ice bath every morning and be ready to conquer every day.
How do ice baths impact blood vessels? Ice baths cause blood vessels to constrict and then expand upon exiting, facilitating a rapid temperature change that helps flush out metabolic waste and promotes recovery.
What are the health warnings for using an ice bath? Always consult your doctor before using an ice bath if you have any health issues. Do not use if you are pregnant, have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, complications such as neuropathy or retinal damage, wear a pacemaker, have a history of frostbite, have an open wound, had recent surgery, have epilepsy, or any other health concerns.
What are the potential side effects of using an ice bath? The most noticeable side effect is feeling intense cold. Other side effects of staying in an ice bath too long include hypothermia, frostbite, tachycardia (fast heart rate), arrhythmias (abnormal heart rate), and allergic or anaphylactic shock.
How long should each session be? Research shows that to enhance recovery, you should aim to accumulate 11 minutes per week in the Ice Bath. This can be done all at once or in shorter durations, such as 2 x 5 minutes with 2 minutes out of the bath in between.


PeakMe Customer Experience and Support

For PeakMe customer support enquiries - pre-sale advice, after-sales support, or if just seeking information, you can find our contact page here: Contact Us Today 

Question Answer
Does PeakMe offer any guarantees or support? Yes, PeakMe provides a minimum 1-year warranty for our ice baths, with lifetime customer support. You can contact the Aussie-based team via phone, email, or live chat for any assistance - to get in touch, click here.
Can I see the product in person before buying? Yes, you can visit our locations in Sydney and Perth to view products in person. Click and collect options are also available.


IMPORTANT: Note on Chemical Safety

We mention specific chemicals above that may assist in keeping your ice bath clean; however, all individuals are different and you must exercise due diligence before using them. Here are critical points to consider:

  1. Allergies and Reactions: Some people may have allergies or severe reactions to these chemicals. Always follow the product instructions carefully and keep them out of reach of children. Do not mix chemicals.

  2. Proper Usage: The chemical quantities used for ice baths are much smaller than those used for swimming pool, spas or similar products. PeakMe takes no responsibility for incorrect, improper, or unsafe usage of these chemicals.

  3. Consultation and Research: If you have concerns about your personal compatibility with specific chemicals, consult a healthcare professional and thoroughly research the water treatment approach used.

  4. Manufacturer Instructions: Always prioritise the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific product you purchase, as there may be differences in usage.

  5. Safety First: Ensuring the safety of yourself and others who may use your ice bath is the top priority. Handle and store these chemicals properly to prevent accidental harm. These products can be dangerous if not used with appropriate caution.

DISCLAIMER: This guide does not present a comprehensive view of all safety concerns and chemicals that may exist. Other companies, brands, and products may have different recommendations.

PeakMe takes no responsibility for any harm caused by the incorrect usage of chemicals, water additives, or any other product used to keep an ice bath clean. Your safety is our number one concern; ensure to use & store your product safely.

With PeakMe, our mission is to make feeling good a priority.

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