Exclusive May 2024 Discount Offers on Ice Baths in Australia - PeakMe

Exclusive May 2024 Discount Offers on Ice Baths in Australia

Kickstart your mornings with our exclusive May offers on ice baths! Until May 31st, 2024, PeakMe is offering the Focus Ice Bath Accessories Bundle for just $99. Plus, receive a free Ice Bath Bundle with selected purchases. Dive into the cold and transform your wake-up routine. Offers available exclusively in Australia at PeakMe.com.au—don't miss out!

Unlock Your Morning Magic with Our Special Ice Bath Offers!

Ever dreamed of starting your day with an invigorating splash instead of the usual caffeine kick? This May, turn that dream into reality with our exclusive ice bath offers, available only until May 31st, 2024. At PeakMe, we’re dedicated to transforming your mornings from mundane to marvellous with our premium ice baths—specially designed for anyone and everyone, not just athletes.

Why Choose an Ice Bath?

Imagine jumping into your day refreshed, not by caffeine or sheer willpower, but by immersing yourself in cold water for less than 20 minutes a week. Our ice baths boost circulation, fight inflammation, and shake off sleepiness better than any coffee concoction. It’s your personal reboot button for every morning!

May Only: Incredible Ice Bath Bundle Deals

This May, we’re offering unbeatable deals on our ice bath products to help you kickstart your day with a burst of energy:

  • PeakMe Focus Ice Bath Accessories Bundle: Includes the PeakMe Focus Ice Bath, a thermal lid, a protective dust cover, a timer and thermometer, and a gym-quality towel—all for just $99! Check it out here.

Plus, when you purchase any of the following products, you’ll receive a free Ice Bath Bundle:

Don’t Miss Out!

Our special offers are flying off the shelves and are only available until the end of May. Whether you’re curious, excited, or even a bit skeptical, now is the perfect time to discover how a simple ice bath can revolutionise your morning routine. Aussies across the country are already reaping the benefits—join them by visiting PeakMe.com.au today and grab your new ice bath while supplies last!